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An informative e-mail (500 - 1000 words) directed at past, current or potential clients that have provided you their email addresses.

E-newsletters are one of the most effective, low-cost methods of keeping in touch with current clients, attracting new ones, and driving traffic to your business. 


E-newsletters are built on the idea that if you provide helpful, accurate and free information in an accessible, zero-pressure email format, you establish your expertise in a genuine way.  


Your clients will view you as a trusted source and feel confident purchasing your service or product—in many cases over and over again!


How we do it . . .      
  1. We create your e-newsletter format and design to match your brand and objectives

  2. We get you set up with an easy, secure email client (like Mailchimp) and make sure your database is organized and ready for use.

  3. You tell us how often you would like to send your e-newsletter: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  4. We learn about your products and services and gather all related information from you. Then we dig into the specifics of your content and ensure that each e-newsletter is timely and maximized for the greatest response.  We agree on a schedule.

  5. We write an eye-catching and informative e-newsletter, and you reap the benefits of increased business.


Estimates are always free. No risk, no hassle. Get started here. 


Let us explain the value of your investment with less words and more numbers.  

(Well, a few more words, and then numbers.)


Lead nurturing is one of the primary areas in which professional service businesses fail their bottom line.  When current business makes heavy demands on your time, it's easy to ignore the future and the curious newcomers that are just a few steps away from being your next customer. A delayed response, or a lack of actionable information can send them up the road (or down the Google search page) to your competition. Enter the e-newsletter.


An e-newsletter provides valuable information (usually for free) that builds a relationship of trust and generates greater interest in your services.  


This weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly communication illustrates your ongoing commitment to great customer service and showcases your range of expertise. 


Since the e-newsletter mechanism is essentially turnkey, all of this happens automatically, freeing you up to manage your current client roster and prepare for new business that is primed and ready to go.


In some cases, it is past customers who have been sidelined as new ones come along.  It's never too late to reconnect.  Past customers are often a bird in the hand that just needs a little attention and reminder that your business is an important resource in their lives.


The estimate we provide will be customized to fit your particular needs and may vary accordingly. 


Turnkey e-newsletters from scratch require an initial one-time build, list maintenance, copywriting, on-going consultation, scheduling, and research. Rates range according to size, scope, content, frequency, and maintenance needs. 


In addition to copy, whitepapers may require additional images, design and branding work - this will be outlined in your free estimate.


Our standard agreement requires 50% of the agreed-upon estimate at the commencement of work, and the remaining 50% upon completion, at which point all work is transferred to you.


Flexible payment options are available.


Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we will do our best! All rush requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Let's break down the numbers . . . 

Let's say, for example, one of your standard services for a new client averages $750.





An update to a service performed for a past client is $250.

You have a database of 500 past clients, 300 active clients, and 200 leads.  




You initiate a monthly e-newsletter that goes to all 1000. It keeps them informed and up-to-date on things related to your services that affect their daily lives.



Just a handful

of new clients or 

repeat clients returns

your investment in full.

Everything else is 




Not to mention that you have shown your current customers that they are in excellent hands. And that loyalty is priceless.

Individual estimates may vary. Figures are for illustrative purposes only.

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