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A corporate blog, internal address, or e-newsletter written on behalf of an executive in which he or she receives the by-line. A copywriter's completely anonymous assistance with the growing expectation that an executive will communicate regularly and knowledgeably with his and her customers and employeees in a digital format. (Another example of a need that has arisen from the convergence of branding and content marketing in a social age.)


How it works . . .


You tell us what you need written and your audience. We determine which of the following two approaches best fits your needs:


  1. We schedule periodic 'thought dumps' in which you share the main topics you would like to address over a fixed period of time and your specific thoughts on each. During these information-gathering calls or Skype sessions, we ask a series of questions to get a strong sense of your style and tone and match our writting pieces for you accordingly.

  2. We review, edit, shape, and refine rough drafts or email notes that you send us until they are ready to be transmitted to your target audience. The core of the piece is entirely yours, we just neaten it up grammatically and make it flow in a way that is accessible and professional.


We'll return you the completed work by an agreed upon date (or on an ongoing basis) with three free edits built in to the estimate.  It's really important that this matches who you are as an executive and we will keep at it until you are happy.


All of our Executive Ghostwriting services are 100% anonymous, always.


Add a pinch of eloquence.


We get that sometime a little tweaking is all it takes.  That's why we don't have minimums when it comes to project size or quick, clean edits. Get started here. 


Executive Ghostwriting is based upon our $95 per hour rate. 


The estimate we provide you will be customized to fit your particular needs and may vary accordingly. 


Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we will do our best! All rush requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Executive Ghostwriting

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