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The estimate we provide will be customized to fit your particular needs and may vary accordingly. 


In addition to copy, investment proposals may require additional images, design and branding work - this will be outlined in your free estimate.


Printing, binding and shipping is available upon request and priced seperately.


Our standard agreement requires 50% of the agreed-upon estimate at the commencement of work, and the remaining 50% upon completion, at which point all work is transferred to you.


Flexible payment options are available.


Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we will do our best! All rush requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Investment Proposals (Pitch Decks)

A concise, visually-interesting, and informative way of selling an investor on your business or idea.

A good investment proposal does the following things:


  • introduces a business, product, or concept (or all three)


  • identifies the 'problem' or 'need' that the business or concept is going to 'solve' 


  • provides top-line financial data that supports the track-record of the business, or is compelling evidence of the business's projected success 


  • addresses the current status of the target marketplace (using well-documented research and statistics as necessary)


  • asks for a specific level of investment with a summary on how those recources will be utilized and what the investor can expect in return

A good investment proposal does not:
  • ​attempt to include every detail of the business plan or operating strategy                         

  • give away all of the best parts of the story on paper (or Powerpoint) - it is a solid reference point for a conversation (presentation) with a potential investor, not the entire conversation itself


  • necessarily guarantee an investment, but it shows that you have done your homework and attempted to answer any questions the potential investor may have about the business, product, or concept in an organized, clear, and honest format


Put simply, an investment proposal is the equivalent of casting the right line in the right body of water, using the right bait, at the right time.


Almost all investors are going to expect to see a formal proposal before they consider putting money into your business.  Without it, the conversation will never get off the ground.

How it works . . .


We structure your proposal according to the two formats that are most successful in approaching potential investors:  the thirteen slide pitch, and the 5 x 5 bullet point summary.  As no two proposals are exactly alike, there is always room for variation while using these approaches as guidelines.


We will start off your free, initial consultation by asking questions like:  


  1. What do you want for your business - now, and in three to five years time? 

  2. What services or products do you provide?  

  3. Are you just starting out, or well-established?

  4. Do you have a business plan? A prototype?

  5. Whom do you wish to benefit from your product or service?


(This isn't about checking to see if you have all the answers, it's finding out exactly where you are in the development process so we can be of the most use to you in meeting your objectives.)


Once we have determined a baseline for your business, your timing, your goals, and your research and work to date, we will provide a detailed estimate of the project rate and timing, as well as a list of the pieces of information that we will need from you - the one who knows your business the best.


We work with you to identify any weaknesses that will translate as red flags in the eyes of investors and showcase your business in the strongest possible light.


When you are ready to move forward, we take all of the answers you have provided and gather additional information as necessary to create an investment proposal tailored to you, your target investor, and your goals. 

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