Product Descriptions

The way you explain your product or service to a potential customer.


Bulk rates are available upon request.


The estimate we provide you will be customized to fit your particular needs and may vary accordingly. 


Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we will do our best! All rush requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Product Descriptions can inform, sell, or serve as a way to play by the rulebook. Whether it is 30 words, 300 words or  3000, we can bring your product to life. 


How it works . . .


You tell us (or email us) all the information you have about the product or service, including pictures and specifications if necessary.  We write your description in a print or web-friendly way.


Starting from scratch?  Great.  We love rolling up our sleeves and building something new. 


Just looking to update pre-existing descriptions or shine a new light on an updated model? We've got you covered.  Sometimes a little tweaking is all it takes to re-capture a customer's attention and motivate them to purchase.  That's why we don't have minimums when it comes to project size. Estimates are always free. No risk, no hassle. Get started here