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Payment by credit card is easy and secure

with Paypal.



Personal/Business Letter:  $145 - $195

Brand Presentation/Elevator Pitch:  $95 per hour

Personal Website: $295 initial build + $95 per hour

Interview Coaching: $95 per hour


Creative Writing Services estimates are project-based and customized according to your request. No project is too big or too small. 

Good writing is a valuable commodity.  We work hard to provide you with powerful and refreshingly straightforward language to meet your professional, personal, and creative needs. We can't give our services away, but we aren't in the market for your firstborn child either.


Our rate guidelines are designed to eliminate surprises and give you a ballpark idea of the investment you can expect to make for quality writing services. Estimates may vary according to your particular need. We encourage you to shop around and compare.  There are a lot of options out there and it's important to find the right match for you. 


If you have questions about services, rates, or our process, please email us anytime. Really. We want to know what's on your mind. It helps us continue to grow and stay on the cutting edge of our very cool and ever-evolving trade.

Get a Free Custom Estimate

Your Investment

Investment Proposals: $2,850 - $3800 or % on contigency

Sales Decks:  $2,850 - $3800 (or $95 per hour review and edit)

Website Copy:  $95 per hour 

Whitepapers:  $3800 - $7600 (dependent on length; subject matter research

E-newsletters:  initial build + $95 per hour; or contract

Articles:  $1.50 per word or contract upon request

Product Descriptions: $95 per hour; special bulk rates

Promotional Items:  $95 per hour + materials if applicable

Success! Message received. Please note that this request is for an estimate, not an order for a service.

A few things to keep in mind . . .

Response Time and Project Turnaround

Most jobs are needed yesterday. We get that. We'll respond to your request within 24 hours. If we need more information, we'll ask. But really getting it right takes time. Most jobs take 1- 4 weeks to complete (once they are on the schedule). Some take less than a day. We outline each step of the process in our free, no-obligation estimate so you know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it. 


Privacy (and Sanity)

We're writers, not e-mail address peddlers. We hate spam almost as much as abuse of the past perfect tense. Your information is private and will never be sold/given/lent to anyone. Any personal writing service we do for you is kept confidential. Period. 


Rates and Payment

Services are priced at an hourly rate or a flat rate, depending on what they entail. A cover letter, for example, is a very different animal than an original web page with SEO and is priced differently. We believe writing shouldn't cost a fortune and have worked hard to keep our rates reasonable. Payment is made online through Paypal or Google Wallet.  50% is due upon your approval of the estimate and the other 50% is due when we complete your project.  Flexible payment options are availble for certain services. If your writing needs are ongoing, we are happy to set up a contract schedule. 


Size and Scope

No job is too small. Seriously. Have something that is just about perfect, but need a discerning pair of eyes to give it a once-over? We love polishing. At the same time, we would be thrilled to write your memoirs for you. We are a small shop with a bespoke attitude and an adventurous spirit. We have a few specialties, but can write about almost any subject. Go ahead, try us. We think you'll be glad you did.

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