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Business Writing Services

You are conscious of the bottom line, and know that strong content and persuasive copy directly affect the health of your business ...


... or maybe you need someone to write polished letters and emails that sound just like you, so you can address the million other tasks demanding your attention.


Whatever your writing needs, we are here to help.  We get that you are busy.  After all, someone actually has to make the product, perform the service, nurture customer relationships, manage the budget, (and occasionally eat), in order for your web presence even to matter. So let us handle the writing part for you.  We can tackle just about any topic and persuade just about any audience to take that first step through your door.  The result? You have the time and freedom to do what you do best:  take care of business.

Personal Writing Services

Do you struggle with finding the right words to really express your views? Does the idea of putting a resumé together make you want to hide under the bed? Fear not.  Help has arrived.


Writing isn't a piece of cake.  Especially if your skill set is, er, less-than-literary in nature. (No judgment here, our math is terrible.  Just look at our rates.)  We find the words that will make you shine, whether in a personal letter, a college application essay, or a career-related profile.


Work isn't the only place where writing matters. When we say 'personal', we mean it.


Let us make sure your wedding invitation is spot on before you send it to your fiancé's fancy grandmother. Years of sleeping with Miss Manner's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior under our pillows and swilling Earl Grey from cups made of bone china have made us veritable masters of etiquette. Our 'thank you' notes could reduce the Queen to tears (which is why it's probably better that she doesn't send us too many presents. Weepy monarchs are bad for morale). 


Click on any of the listings to the right for more exhaustive and practical explanations of our services.  

Creative Writing Services

Welcome. We are thrilled you found us.  Don't tell the others, but this is the one that we dream about at night.


So tell us, what are you after?  A poignant, funny wedding toast?  Would you like us to ghostwrite your memoirs? Or a blog post that captures your recent vacation memories?  


This is not the place for holding back.  Seriously.  If you can think it up, we want to hear about it, and learn how we can help.  The list to the right is just a start.  Creative writing is so unique and varied, we approach every query from the very beginning.  Get in touch and tell us what you are thinking, and we'll get back to you with all the possibilities we can dream up. You can reach us anytime at 

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